Who we are

We are Erica, photographer, and  Marco, filmmaker, we are wife and husband and we have founded Les Amis Photo.

Since the beginning we have worked with a talented and trusted collaborators team.

We are easy going people, we love parties and funny moment, we are madly romantic.

We have the same vision of a wedding day and we have the same approach.

Our style is  evocative, evanescent, romantic, emotional, fresh and, at the end, funny!

We love dogs and we can’t imagine our life without this faithful friend.

We love to travel because different people and landscapes enrich  your soul, like weddings!

We  smile always not because we are stupid but because we have big theet, and haven helps the happy.

Contact Us by email  info@lesamisphoto.com          Call us  +39 393 38 93 807


We give back:  Save the children –Action Aid – Amref –Save the dogs and other animals – Fondazione Aquilone Onlus – Emergency –  Adricesta – Lav Lega italiana Antivivisezione – Animal Amnesty – Peta UK- The Human Society of the United States

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