Destination Wedding Photographers


Feeling the Unseen

Photography exists to evoke not to describe.
Reality is the sum of our perceptions.
We sublimate it with our most intimate memories.
We remember what we feel. Photography is the memory of our feelings.


Love enriches every moment of our lives; however, it takes more than a lifetime to define it.
Every wedding is a promise that Les Amis Photo is happy to witness, capturing every emotion.
Every session is an exchange of values we live by both at work and in our personal lives.


For us at Les Amis Photo, white is the sum of all colours, and light reveals it.
White allows us to highlight our subject to make it stand out in the image.
White is the nuance that makes our memories look more ethereal; it expresses harmony in an image, cutting out the noise; it evokes feelings rather than etch them in our memories.
And lighting is the tool that helps us capture and reveal emotions in an image and turn them into memories.